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Portrait Martina
Hello, my name is Martina. I am from Austria and moved to London with my family in 2015.

After University and several interesting jobs in the big corporate world I realized something was missing: working and creating with my hands. I needed to touch and hold my work.

And so, in 2012, I've started the 'project' at sarah’s in Vienna and since then I have been on a wonderful journey, which allows me to create beauty by hand.

I love colours, and enjoy designing and crafting each project myself. The smile from a customer when they first hold their unique at sarah’s piece is a thrill!

at sarah’s is a place of happiness, love, passion, colours and friendly people.


Oh, and why at sarah's? Well at Martina's sounds odd and I really like the name Sarah. Pretty simple, isn't it?
Photo by Veerle Evens.

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